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The Perfect foundation for your shower floor.

The Perfect Foundation for
Stone and Tile Shower Floors

EZ ShowerBase is an innovative product that supports tile shower floors. EZ ShowerBase was created to solve the problems of the traditional, labor-intensive mud pan process. Traditional mud pans can take 1-3 days to complete. A typical EZ ShowerBase installation will be complete in 1 hour. Traditional mud pans are hand built and could have dips and imperfections that allow mold to grow. EZ ShowerBase is machined for perfect slope every time. It is also 100% waterproof and ready to tile.

We guarantee you will not regret your EZ ShowerBase purchase. It really is the Perfect Foundation for Stone and Tile Shower Floors.


What Makes it Great

Perfect Slope
Every Time
Easily Trimmed
On Site
100% Waterproof
to Tile

EZ ShowerBase Options

Choose the Style that Fits Your Project

Do you need a traditional center drain showerbase or a bathtub replacement size? Or if your preference is a showerbase with a linear drain, we’ve got what you need. Pick your style then click below to determine the size you need and get a quote.

The EZ Measuring Tool

Every EZ ShowerBase purchase comes with an EZ Measuring Tool to make your installation easier and more accurate.

EZ ShowerBase_Tool.jpg

An Important Tool!

I do a lot of remodels and the ability to locate the drain wherever I need it makes EZ ShowerBase an important tool in getting the project done.


25 Years in the Construction Industry

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